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Preliminary program

Temporal bone course – Prague 2025

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
January 13January 14January 15January 16
09:00-10:45 Introductions
J. Plzák, J. Bouček
Live surgery Live surgery Live surgery
Temporal Bone & Facial Nerve Anatomy
Beyond the Temporal Bone: Skull Base Surgery
Imaging Methods in Otology
10:45-11:15 coffee break/industry visitcoffee break/industry visitcoffee break/industry visitcoffee break/industry visit
Intact Canal Wall Mastoidectomy, the Facial Recess Approach
Subtotal petrosectomy - indications and technique
Baha - practical part
Complication of otological surgeries
Active Middle Ear Implants
Stapes surgery
Facial nerve pathologies and management
Obliteration techniques in cholesteatoma surgery
Cochlear implantation
Otoneurology - Anatomy, pathophysiology and surgery
Case presentation 4
Case presentation 1Case presentation 2Case presentation 3Post-Seminar Evaluation
TBL preparation - step by step 1TBL preparation - step by step 2TBL preparation - step by step 3TBL preparation - step by step 4
13:00-14:00lunch/industry visitlunch/industry visitlunch/industry visitlunch/industry visit
from 14:00Temporal Bone Lab: Canalplasty, CWU Mastoidectomy
Temporal Bone Lab: Ossiculoplasty, CWD Mastoidectomy
Temporal Bone Lab: Stapedotomy, CI Implantation
Temporal Bone Lab: Facial nerve Decompression, Labyrinthectomy